Words From Our Guests

Robert in Texas


I am the proud owner of five dogs. Two of those wonderful dogs are Great Pyrenees.  One is a three year old female and the other is a FIVE MONTH old, male puppy.  I first started thinking about obtaining a male puppy companion for my female about one year ago. Like so many other things,  it got postponed.  Then, one evening recently,  out of the BLUE,  I Googled,  "GREAT PYRENEES puppies for sale in Texas".  As FATE would have it,  up popped puppies at Common Sense Ranch. 

Karma can work in wonderful ways, sometimes. 

From that point on,  it was easy peasy and a  totally professional, friendly transaction.  Every question and concern was answered quickly and  thoroughly, by Common Sense Ranch.  Certain questions could best be answered with pictures-- so they sent me approximately one dozen pictures. 

Next we talked by phone. A pedigree analysis of dominant characteristics of both mama and papa dogs were discussed.  I didn't need fighting with my other dogs!!  Again I was sent pictures of  both the puppy's  parents playing gently with other small dogs.

After my purchase they helped me with questions concerning the high energy level of my puppy.  Every thing they advised me to do, worked wonderfully, from basic information, --- to what   I should do to correct his behavior. They also reminded me that a male puppy and a female puppy's  personalities are quite different.  That's for sure!!

Thanks to Common Sense Ranch, I am proud to say, that I have added a majestic, obediant, healthy, GREAT PYRENEES, male puppy to my pack. Thank you again, Common Sense Ranch for a wonderful dog !!!


Carolyn in Texas


When I started looking for a rabbit to use for a therapy bunny for a reading program, I found Common Sense Ranch. They are wonderful. They answered all my questions promptly, sent me photos and were totally flexible regarding my visiting. They are extremely knowledgeable and quick to answer any questions or secure any additional information requested. I was very impressed with both the bunnies and the humans. They are both beautiful!


Deborah in Waco, Texas


I bought 3 dozen hatching eggs from Common Sense Ranch. I had a great hatch rate. And I have very healthy babies from this hatch, I didn't lose one, not one. They are beautiful and healthy and growing. And they answered every question I had along the way, which was a lot of questions. They always made time for my questions and answered in great detail where I would understand. Thank you for everything.