Our Chicken Coop

These Are Free Range Birds

Golden Sex Links 

White Leghorns 

Easter Eggers 

White Rocks 

All Baby Chicks Are Easter Eggers 

Straight Run 1 day old ($5)

We also have some chickens for sale occasionally, check for availability.


1 Dozen Eggs ($6)

3 Dozen Eggs ($15)

1 Dozen Hatching Eggs ($10)

Disclaimer:  Although we strive to provide you with the highest quality hatching eggs available, we do not guarantee fertility or hatchability due to incubation errors, human errors, etcetera. We recommend you research the pros and cons before purchase. We also recommend you research the breed. Our hatching eggs will produce Easter Egger chicks if hatched. Our hatching eggs can be brown, white or colors. If they are not Easter colored hatching eggs this DOES NOT mean they are not Easter Egger. An Easter Egger is made from a blue egg laying breed and a brown egg layer or white egg layer or any other color egg layer.