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Great Pyrenees Anatolian

Princess Had 3 Beautiful Boy Puppies 03/19/19!

All Found Wonderful Homes!

We Raise Beautiful Great Pyrenees Anatolian Puppies 

Our Livestock Guardians are Vet Checked which includes Vaccinations and Deworming ($300)

The Great  Pyrenees have been used as Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs) for centuries. These dogs  can be very aggressive towards predators but the breed has proven to still be gentle with  younger livestock, smaller livestock, and even the helpless livestock.  They have a nocturnal sleeping pattern which means they will  interact with your livestock all night so you can leave them out to  pasture.

The Anatolian are known for their keen sense of sight and hearing. They  are quick if they need to get to a predator. Anatolian Shepherds are also considered an independent dog they don’t need human instruction in  order to protect the livestock. They are so intelligent it  makes them a much easier breed to train.

Combining these to breeds makes the perfect livestock guardian. It brings together High-Speed and Confidence towards predators. Also Intelligence and Gentleness for training and defense of livestock. I have had pups become Therapy Dogs for young children and adults. I have had them become House Protectors for families. And of course as great Livestock Guardians protecting their herds and flocks from Bears to Coyotes. These are amazing animals.